Hypertext LaTeX Help files

The hypertext mark-up language (HTML) version of the LaTeX Help is a set of files which, when placed in the same subdirectory, have only local (within the same directory) hypertext links. It is therefore suitable for loading on a local machine where it may be "read" with an HTML viewer, such as Mosaic, Cello, or Lynx, without the necessity of a network connection. (All links to "external" URL's, including much LaTeX information available on the Web, have been restricted to one file in this set.)

The files are available via anonymous ftp as a Unix compressed tar file. After downloading this file to filename.tar.Z on your local machine, issue the Unix commands:

   uncompress "filename.tar.Z"
   tar -xvf "filename.tar"
(Note: some Web software, such as Mosaic, will automatically uncompress the file when retrieving it, in which case save it as filename.tar and skip the first line above.) This will create a subdirectory named "html" in your current directory which contains the complete set of HTML files. The "Introduction" file is index.html and the Table of Contents page is ltx-2.html.

You may rename or move the entire html subdirectory if desired; all file references are local to this directory and should continue to work.

If you cannot handle a compressed Unix tar file, please contact Sheldon Green at the address below to obtain the data sets in an alternate format.

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